The key factor for a successful system implementation is test management. LaNubia can provide a proper test management approach which is in line with the business needs and requirements.

During the test definition phase LaNubia will help the customer define an ideal test plan, select the right test tool, define the relevant test infrastructure and determine the test organization and allocate the required resources for testing.

During the test preparation phase the business requirements will be translated in test scripts and uploaded in the selected test tool. Test procedures will be created and communicated to all shareholders. Test users and test coordinators will be trained to be able follow the test procedures and execute the expected functional testing.

During the test execution phase, the testing will be managed with a daily stand-up meeting to discuss briefly the day plan and responsibilities. Every day a test report will be created illustrating the test progress and a detail overview of the issues and open activities. The test coordinator will act as the catalyzer between the different teams to make sure the test process and allocation of activities is going smooth.

Test Management (LaNubia.com)