Each SAP implementation is unique and can be triggered based on different aspects like strategical choices, technological innovations, process improvements or system integration requirements. LaNubia can guide and help organizations to be successful during a SAP implementation project. A SAP implementation can be breakdown in the explore phase, the realization phase and the deploy phase.

As part of the Explore phase LaNubia can help organizations to compare the different SAP solutions to determine the best match for the business. As follow industry or product specific best practice solution is used during Fit/Gap workshops to determine the detail level of fit to business needs and on the other hand describe the gaps. The results of the workshops will be documented in Business Process Documents (BPD’s) and for all the gaps alternative solution directions will be explored and documented for decision making.

During the realization phase the focus relies on configuration, development and testing. The best practice configuration settings will be adjusted based on the BPD’s to make the solution more company specific. For all the approved GAP solution directions, functional specifications will be created to develop the required WRICEF (Workbench, Report, Interface, Conversion, Enhancement or Form) functionality. The most important part of this phase is testing, starting with unit test (single function test), then integration test (chain test) and later the user acceptance test (including roles and authorizations).

During the deploy phase the focus relies on business readiness and business cutover. As part of the business readiness activities different workshops will be held to discuss aspects as roles to position mapping, process handshake moments, business controls and segregation of duties, etc. In parallel a business cutover plan is prepared to manage the different activities as data conversion, training of the workforce, activation of interfaces, communication to external parties and go-live support.

SAP implementation project can be very comprehensive, and LaNubia have his own templates and tools to guide customers during this journey. LaNubia have full cycle implementation experience within different industries like Utility, HealthCare/Pharmacy, Real Estate, Consumer Business, Retail and Wholesale Distribution. Our experience consultants are process minded and innovation driven, and ready to take lead and guide your business to sustainable SAP implementation.