Organizational Change Management (OCM)

It is reported that 38% of projects fail and never achieve their originally intended outcome, most of this because there was not effective organizational change management during the full life of the project.

Engaging in effective people change management before, during and after the life of your project is necessary to ensure that you obtain the originally intended goals.  Additionally, companies are realizing it is necessary to embed change management into all projects from the very beginning (business case) in order to write effective, achievable goals/objectives and make a plan towards achieving them.

We believe that to be successful,  core people change management philosophies need to be  embedded  in all transformation activities and  we  work with your senior leadership,  management  team and employees to ensure that transformational initiatives are successful.

Whether you are looking for a change manager to join your project team to manage the change management process from end-to-end, seeking advice for developing your goals/objectives at the beginning of your project, dealing with people issues during your project, or need people to support in coaching, training and communicating to your employees, LaNubia is armed with leaders and consultants with decades of experience working in the field of change management that are ready to support the change management of the key projects in your organization.

Our OCM services include:

  • Organizational Change Strategy
  • Organizational Structure
  • Communication Strategy & Development
  • Workforce Training & Coaching
  • Organizational Performance Management

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