“What makes LaNubia different from other consulting companies is the fact that our people have the best knowhow when it comes to Business and IT”
Fehmina Choudhry works at LaNubia Consulting as a Senior Business Consultant since December 2018. Fehmina has more than 10 years of working experience in consulting with a focus on IT-driven business changes and transformations. Fehmina is currently available for a new assignment and happy to connect!

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“My biggest challenge at LaNubia was getting used to a born-remote organization”

With more than 10 years of working experience as a Business Consultant and Functional Leader in multiple industries, Aldo Silvano started at LaNubia Consulting in April 2020 in the position of Managing Director LaNubia Americas. In his role, Aldo is responsible for expanding LaNubia in the Caribbean and the South American part of the world.

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“At LaNubia Consulting we believe in the strength of an inspirational environment, where personal development and collaboration are the main drivers to attract talented professionals who are eager to learn and help our clients bridging the gap between Technology and the Business” Read more

Last week our CEO, Rigo Selassa, traveled to the Caribbean region where we look to expand and offer our geographically independent services.  Read more

Written by Ameya Sapre and Gene Jamieson

This is the era of experiences. Every customer-focused business is designing its product, service, and marketing strategies to craft a unique and personalized experience for its customers. Why is this?   Read more

During this year’s Living Management Project from the Rotterdam School of Management, RSM MBA students drew from their own experiences in online collaboration across cultures to advise LaNubia Business Consulting.

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Written by Rigo Selassa

A business is just like top sport: you need a Coach (alias Business Leader) and a Team with players who know the game rules, work hard and have the capability to tell each other the simplified truth to create awareness and stimulate a winner mentality to achieve the best result. Read more

“As a transformational leader it is important to lead by example, be open for feedback, create diversity and inclusion, and stimulate innovation by creating an environment where people can collaborate and inspire each other.” Read more

As LaNubia Consulting we are proud to be part of the first ‘COVID-proof’ Living Management Project as part of the Fulltime MBA’21 class from the Rotterdam School of Management. During this project two teams of MBA students are provided with a real-life business challenge to solve and consult in a four-week time period.  Read more

LaNubia Business Consulting helps companies transform their business with new technology, while keeping employees informed and motivated to adopt the new way of working. Read more