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In the Spotlight: Asitav Sen

  ” My goal is to innovate data science solutions (tools and techniques) to radically transform sales and marketing. “ Asitav Sen is LaNubia’s Data Scientist. In this spotlight he tells us a bit more about himself. Let’s explore.

In the Spotlight: Mapan Laocharoen

  ” Supply Chain is a crucial business unit as it could enhance competitive advantage in a holistic approach. “ Mapan Laocharoen is LaNubia’s newest intern as of January 2021. In her role she will support LaNubia with the market analysis, sales strategy and marketing in areas such as Supply Chain & Operations.

In the Spotlight: Zewdu Mogesse

  ” In 20 years from now, Data Science will be one of the basic necessities of companies. “ Zewdu Mogesse is LaNubia’s Data Scientist. He has joined LaNubia in January 2021. In this spotlight he tells us a bit more about himself. Let’s explore.

In the Spotlight: Mandana Teimori

  ” Finance could make processes more efficient with advanced technology and data analytics. “ Mandana Teimori is a Senior Management Consultant and LaNubia’s Finance Transformation Lead. She has joined LaNubia in December 2020. 

In the Spotlight: Heather Harris

  ” Marketing and digital innovations work best when they are engaging and intuitive. “ Heather Harris is LaNubia’s Marketing Management Intern. She has extensive experience working in business development and managing her own consulting company in branding/marketing strategy. 

In the Spotlight: Ameya Sapre

  “What I admire about LaNubia and its culture is the open collaboration and healthy exchange of new ideas” Ameya joined LaNubia as a Senior Business Consultant in March 2020. He has over 10 years of international consultancy experience with a main focus on global HR transformations and implementations.